Querying Lingua Libre

The sound library is structured in a Semantic Web database where all the recordings and their data are described.


The data model includes 3 core concepts of Lingua Libre.

Overview of the data model of the Lingua Libre database

Audio recordings

See also DataViz:Records.

Every recording created with the Record Wizard is added into the database along with some metadata that includes the date the recording was created, the speaker and the language.


See also LinguaLibre:List of languages

This is the language of a speaker or of a recording. This property may point to a language defined on Wikidata (wikidata:Q34770).


See also DataViz:Speakers.

The speaker is the person that pronounced one or several words in an audio recording. There are various information on the speaker such as their residence at the time of recording and their native tongue.

Querying the data

The data can be queried using LinguaLibre's SPARQL endpoint.

Modifying the data

In progress

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