Student, Grenoble-Alpes University, France
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WikiLucas00 in Lyon, 2020

About me

My name is Lucas ([ly.'ka]), I study Linguistics and Natural Language Processing at Grenoble-Alpes University, in France, and I contribute to the Wikimedia projects.

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About my work

I mostly contribute to lingua libre, by recording words an phrases (pronounced by myself or by other persons), and raising awareness about the project. These recordings are used in particular on Wiktionaries. I also contribute to the French-speaking Wiktionary (Wiktionnaire), mainly by adding phonetic transcriptions and reorganizing some pages. When I am in Lyon, I meet up with the Cabal of Lyon on the occasion of monthly meetings at the KoToPo, to discuss and share about the Wikimedia projects.

A session at the KoToPo with the Cabal of Lyon
Lyokoï, myself & Ltrlg at the JDLL 2019

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